The new Coldplay albums had at least three songs that really grab me. This song gets my foot tapping hard at work and I’m able to focus on my work. I wish it was 8 minutes longer instead of building so hard and dropping so hard. I have thought about creating a version that looped the back half of the song. I think it would be nice to run too as well.

I may have saw Ben Folds at Barista Parlor this morning. You can’t be certain about these sightings, especially when unexpected facial hair is involved. 

I abided by the unwritten Nashville code, “Be cool man. Leave them alone.” but I still rehearsed what I would say to him. 

Mr. Folds. I’m from Effingham, IL. You know… the town you wrote Effington about? I really like that song because I think of starting a “new” life in Effington, living in Effington, & dying in Effington. But they don’t have $6 cups of coffee (yet) like we are about to enjoy. So I’m going to hold out for that. kthxbye